vacation snapshots

Things I’ve learned on vacation this week:

1. Little kids are always listening and they will repeat what you say
2. Water gun fights take a lot of strategy
3. Florida sun is a lot stronger than New York sun
4. Sunburns, man
5. Saying goodbye to the people I love is SUPER hard

But I guess I knew all those things already. Check out some pictures from this really fun week!











this week in pictures

No embroidery this week because I’ve had company and a pretty bananas week all around.

view of manhattan from brooklyn flea

I went to Brooklyn Flea over the weekend. This is the view of Manhattan from the Williamsburg waterfront, where they host the flea market.

adorable towel

While I was there I bought this adorable towel now hanging in my kitchen. Look at that fat little penguin!

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this weekend

embroidery display rae's days

fabric rae's days

mirror rae's days

blanket rae's days

bed rae's days

No new embroidery this week, but I did update the display! My mom is in town visiting and the week was full of errand running and getting ready, and now that she’s here it’s full of fun. We are working on my apartment in between running around the city. I got some fabric to make pillow cases for the couch and bed. I got a new mirror for the bedroom that I hope to hang up today. I also got a flamingo blanket that #fatcat likes to nap under. Hope you all are having a great weekend! Doing a lot of work around here, hope to post some updates this week and get back to embroidery next Sunday.

Usually each Sunday I post the embroidery project I am working on to sew some of my favorite quotes from books. Let me know if you have any quote suggestions! You can see the other quotes in my embroidery project here:


February is a short month, but that doesn’t mean it lacked excitement. I started an embroidery project, went back to my office, and got to visit one of my very best friends!

The top five posts with the most views in February were

Some snapshots from the month.rosesnailscoffeechiliscards

Don’t forget there’s one month left to read Middlesex for family book club. Now on to the next one!


I irrationally feel like this year is already flying by. I’m planning super fun trips and summer vacations and fall weddings (not mine). I am so excited to get to all these things, but I’m afraid that it will go too fast. January is already over!

The top-viewed posts in January were:

  1. 10 goals for 2013. So far, I’ve made progress on at least a few!
  2. company. Some of my favorite details around my apartment.
  3. new year, new polka dot blouse. An outfit post. I love this shirt.
  4. on writing (and editing). I talk about one of my favorite books on the craft.
  5. twin peaks. I’m still watching this show. It’s still weird and still beautiful.

It’s been pretty wintery around here lately, but #fatcat and I are trying to stay cheerful. Like with a good nap, a cup of tea, or stopping to view a brightly colored dinosaur while on a neighborhood walk. Some snapshots from the month (I’m on instagram as raenudson):






It was a good month! Now onto the next.

still messy

Ok you guys, honestly, I think I’m still recovering from moving. How long do I get to use that as an excuse for my house being a mess?

Anyway, I’ve got an Ikea trip planned and I’m having a housewarming soon, so I am trying to get thing into shape before then. Here’s a sneak peek, please forgive the clutter.

I got a couch. And someone realllllly likes it.

And now I’m off to coffee and furniture shopping! And later I have a date with Jay Z. Happy Saturday.


a very mizzou weekend

Happy Labor Day weekend!

I went to Columbia over the weekend and spent time with some of the very best people in the world. Hope you has as good of a weekend as I did!

Will catch up on posting very soon as I get back into the swing of things after a crazy week last week. #fatcat is adjusting well to the new apartment. I am, too.


countdown to moving day snapshots: 6 days



I’m totally overwhelmed. Anyone want to call Time Warner for me? But seriously.


The past week has been crazy you guys, just crazy. I’ll fill errybody in as soon as I can catch my breath, but in the meantime check out a few things I’ve been up to (in no particular order).

Sometimes water is cool. I also got to see the amazing Fug Girls talk about their new book. This is their first book, with matching nail polish (Essie’s Pink Flamenco). I went to the beach and walked through Coney Island, where rollercoasters are a-plenty. There was also a jetty in the water and magazine beach reading. I read On Writing and loved it–I’ll try to talk about it on here soon. I played with wavy hair, and I played with #fatcat who looks none too pleased with me here. I got some delicious cookies from Oven Lovin! And I got to see a really fun minor league baseball game on Staten Island.

(find me on instagram at raenudson)


Snapshots from the past few weeks: Lots…and lots…of outside happy hours and good food. I got this super cool bracelet from a super cool friend. And new colorful dishes that I love. Some people left books on my street so I went perusing. And got a new Stephen King book! And doesn’t this bodega cat looks just like #fatcat? Check it out. They look so much the same.