A few years ago, my family started planning a week in the summer that we would all get together. I love love love this tradition. Usually it’s at the beach or somewhere on the water, and it’s always fun. Spouses and children come (not mine, but I can bring friends) and it’s so great to spend a week playing with my nephews and catching up with everyone. 

This week, I turned 25 and celebrated with my family. We made lots and lots of cookies (completely unrelated to birthdays, just because we like cookies). My parents and me and my siblings were each in charge of one night of dinner. Part of my parent’s night of dinner included black bread from the Game of Thrones cookbook. It was good! For my night, I made a taco bar and tried to incorporate all my knowledge of what makes a good taco. Like sour cream and cilantro and limes and, man, they were good, too. The waves were pretty rough this week. We took a walk one night and my sister and her husband stopped to take in the view with their kids. I can’t believe the week is ending already! 

Apparently there are almost no weeks I don’t find something interesting on the sidewalk—this time a cute note. I also got a cute note, but mine came in the mail. Cisco and I both relaxed on the weekend, him on the couch mixed up in my tape measure, and me in the park. And with some hard work this little bit of knitting became this iPad case/clutch. You can check it out on Etsy, and I’ll post what you could wear with it tomorrow!

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! I did for sure. Before it started though, I got my nails done. Essie’s Absolutely Shore. And, while I was waiting for my dad to get into town, I also made iced coffee with my new french press! To go with it, I made raspberry and coffee ice cubes. It was delicious. I’ll do a post later this week with more details. Once my dad got here we had a great time! Including, obvs, going to the natural history museum. Hope this week is just as fun as this weekend was!

What a crazy week. Work was bananas. I went for a walk to shake it off, and the trees were lovely after a rain. My new glasses came in, so at least reading was a little easier. I also showed you this clutch I made this week—I still really like the way it came out. At least someone could relax this week. The week ended with a super fun time at Googa Mooga! We ate great food and saw the Roots and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. To see more snapshots during the week, find me on Instagram as raenudson.

Now that I’m back from vacation, it’s back to real life. But first, a few snapshots from the past week. I knew I was on vacation because the tiny bottles of booze at the airport had party hats. I also knew because I could stand in the ocean. We went to see my brother and his wonderful now-wife get married at a beautiful spot on St. John. Esmerelda was a permanent guest of the hotel. When I got home it was back to shlubby weekend style to run some errands. Or to just sit in the sunshine in the park. To see more in real time, find me on instagram at raenudson!

#fatcat took a very long nap this weekend and was very blob-like in the process. Also this weekend I made Pioneer Woman’s bruschetta and it was delicious. I forgot to get crusty bread at the store so a bagel did in a pinch. I went to the eye doctor after I had some trouble reading the display signs at the museum last weekend. So I got new glasses! I was also told to probably not read for so many hours in the day without taking a break, whoops. In the park, some sidewalk men try to hold hands. Or, you know, it’s sidewalk paint to show where people should walk. Also, the lake was looking particularly lovely. 

I hope your week was great! To see more snapshots during the week, I’m on instagram as raenudson.

Snapshots! It’s been a busy week guys. Good thing I have an Alexander McQueen souvenir to keep me company at my desk at work. My friend Anna came last weekend and it was really fun. We saw city from the Staten Island ferry. #fatcat was busy this weekend, too. He found a new place to hide. And any weekend to New York isn’t complete without a delicious brunch. We also went to the Met! And took a late night train ride home from dinner and a show. 


I always like when people post some of their pictures from the week, so here we go. 

  • #fatcat was being really cute this week. Obvs.
  • The flowers outside of my office are gorgeous! 
  • I went shopping! These are my new shoes from Zara. Also, if you were curious, that’s what the floor of our elevators look like.
  • The view up from a bench across the street from my apartment. I always have trouble spelling the word “across,” does that happen to anybody else? 
  • My friend Jewels was kind enough to send a picture of my bags in a bookstore in her town of Ligonier! If you are in town you should stop by and buy one.
  • There was a lot of pink in my apartment over the weekend—thread, nail polish, fabric

Hope everyone had a great weekend! If you want to see some snapshots in real time, follow me on Instagram at raenudson!

potter for president(s day)

I’m really excited about these, you guys. I’ve got more up on Etsy, and I think they are pretty cute, if I do say so myself (I do.)

I love that these are cute accessories that show my love for books and punctuation. And the fact that I can carry my kindle in it is just too perfect. Don’t forget, there’s nothing more chic than a good book. 

Here I am showing off my tote!

Since it’s the third day in my three-day weekend, I went pretty casual. Jeans from a mall in Madrid, shoes from Kohls (I think), tee from Express, scarf from a street vendor, sweater from Hollister. I bought that sweater probably 8 or 9 years ago when I was trying to be cool in high school and shop at the stores where everyone shopped. Luckily I’ve gotten over that impulse, and, also luckily, it’s a good classic, cozy, warm sweater. I’m still surprised that almost 10 years later I can keep pulling it out. 

And if you want a tote of your own, visit my Etsy page!