A few years ago, my family started planning a week in the summer that we would all get together. I love love love this tradition. Usually it’s at the beach or somewhere on the water, and it’s always fun. Spouses and children come (not mine, but I can bring friends) and it’s so great to spend a week playing with my nephews and catching up with everyone. 

This week, I turned 25 and celebrated with my family. We made lots and lots of cookies (completely unrelated to birthdays, just because we like cookies). My parents and me and my siblings were each in charge of one night of dinner. Part of my parent’s night of dinner included black bread from the Game of Thrones cookbook. It was good! For my night, I made a taco bar and tried to incorporate all my knowledge of what makes a good taco. Like sour cream and cilantro and limes and, man, they were good, too. The waves were pretty rough this week. We took a walk one night and my sister and her husband stopped to take in the view with their kids. I can’t believe the week is ending already! 

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