I am obsessed with this hat.

This hat is from Target for $12.95. It has a multicolored weave so I can wear it with everything (but let’s be real, I’d probably wear it with everything no matter what color it is). It is perfect for beach hair or bed head or I-don’t-feel-like-washing-my-hair-today hair or it’s-sort-of-windy-out-today hair or it-goes-with-my-outfit hair. It is perfect for this week. Outfits after the jump.

I traveled in this because a long skirt seemed comfortable for the car. Skirt from my mom’s closet, T shirt from Zara.

Hanging out at the beach. Dress from Marshalls.

Hanging out on the beach. Shirt and skirt from Target.

I sincerely doubt I’ll be taking this hat off anytime soon.

If you guys want to keep up with some pictures I’m taking this week, I’m on instagram @raenudson.

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