I always like when people post some of their pictures from the week, so here we go. 

  • #fatcat was being really cute this week. Obvs.
  • The flowers outside of my office are gorgeous! 
  • I went shopping! These are my new shoes from Zara. Also, if you were curious, that’s what the floor of our elevators look like.
  • The view up from a bench across the street from my apartment. I always have trouble spelling the word “across,” does that happen to anybody else? 
  • My friend Jewels was kind enough to send a picture of my bags in a bookstore in her town of Ligonier! If you are in town you should stop by and buy one.
  • There was a lot of pink in my apartment over the weekend—thread, nail polish, fabric

Hope everyone had a great weekend! If you want to see some snapshots in real time, follow me on Instagram at raenudson!

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