end of the month review: april

Can you believe April is over? I feel like I say this every month, but this year is really flying. April was a wonderful flurry of friends and family and good times, and now it’s over! On to May, and even more fun, but first a look at the top-viewed posts from April.



rae's days embroidery

new rug

baseball game

What a great month! For these and other snapshots from the month, you can always follow me on Instagram at raenudson.

march in review

Ok, I know it’s technically not quite the end of March. But I’d like to save the actual last day of March to post my latest embroidery, which isn’t exactly finished yet. So I’m counting it close enough to declare the month in review! The top viewed posts from March were….

  • project life. I am so in love with this project. I love doing it, I love looking at the pages that I’ve done so far, and I’m really excited to keep this going. I’m glad people checked it out!
  • project life: chicago update. See what I mean? Project life is so fun.
  • if you love me (embroidery no. 4). I’m making headway on my embroidery project. This quote was one of my favorites.
  • embroidery display. And I got to display them all this month! I love walking into my room and seeing them.
  • apartment update. It’s almost time for the Small Cool Spaces contest. See what I’ve done so far.

Here’s some pictures from this month. (you can follow me on instagram at raenudson)






March has been a good one. I had a great vacation and made progress on a lot of projects. It went by really fast. Are you guys ready for April!?


I irrationally feel like this year is already flying by. I’m planning super fun trips and summer vacations and fall weddings (not mine). I am so excited to get to all these things, but I’m afraid that it will go too fast. January is already over!

The top-viewed posts in January were:

  1. 10 goals for 2013. So far, I’ve made progress on at least a few!
  2. company. Some of my favorite details around my apartment.
  3. new year, new polka dot blouse. An outfit post. I love this shirt.
  4. on writing (and editing). I talk about one of my favorite books on the craft.
  5. twin peaks. I’m still watching this show. It’s still weird and still beautiful.

It’s been pretty wintery around here lately, but #fatcat and I are trying to stay cheerful. Like with a good nap, a cup of tea, or stopping to view a brightly colored dinosaur while on a neighborhood walk. Some snapshots from the month (I’m on instagram as raenudson):






It was a good month! Now onto the next.