goals for 2015

I’ve had a crazy busy December and then some crazy busy (and crazy cool) traveling, so I’m a little bit behind on some regular life stuff. Like laundry. And doctor’s appointments. And thinking about the year ahead, or reflecting on the year that ended.

2014 was a huge year for me. I ended the year in a new city and said goodbye to #fatcat, and a million other things that I haven’t processed yet because I’m still handling the first two. But I am happy and grateful to be where I am, and for now, that’s enough reflecting for me. So on to 2015, and the cool stuff I hope to do, try, and continue.

Drink more water. I already drink a lot of water, and this is the boringest of resolutions, but damn if I don’t believe it really helps quality of life.

Read books written by women and/or with a woman as a main character. This is more than just the Bechdel test–I want women to be front and center in my reading this year. I’ve talked a little bit about this in comics already, but I am ready to commit and see how this changes my reading habits, if I feel like I’m missing out on any stories/books everyone else is reading, and how it will change my perspective on life and reading. I have started my year off very well with Mistborn (written by Brandon Sanderson, with the super cool Vin as the main character), and I can’t wait to read more in that series. I won’t say I’ll stick to this for 100% of my books, but it will be a big focus for me this year.

Pare down. I have way too much stuff and too many clothes. So I’d like to keep editing my closet and my things, so I’m just left with what I really want and what really adds value to my life.

Sketch every day. I have already missed two days this year, but I’ll aim to sketch every day at least a little bit, and not to beat myself up if I miss it. You can follow along on Instagram or Twitter.

Have [redacted] amount of money saved by the end of the year. Money is usually on my list of goals for the year, but I’d like to try to save for a concrete amount. (I know what the amount is, just keeping it private for now.)

Go to the dentist and stop being a baby about it. I mean, really.

Continue to reach out to people on the internet and in real life. Last year I started (respectfully, I hope) emailing cool people I saw on the internet to talk about cool things, and it’s allowed me to chat with some wonderful, smart people I admire. It’s not as scary as you think it’s going to be, and it’s stretched my brain in the best ways.

So here’s to a great 2015. Thanks for reading and sharing this truly bananas year with me.

2014 goals


Because resolutions seem so, well, resolute, I’m giving myself some wiggle room with regular (and adaptable) goals for this year. Last year I did the same. I accomplished some and abandoned others, but it was good to have some guidelines to help focus my year. (#fatcat resolves to nap more and harder.) This year, I’d like to…

  • Sew some kind of article of clothing using a pattern. I like to sew but haven’t done much work with patterns. It’s about time I tried a few things.
  • Knit a blanket for my own house. The baby blanket was a huge learning experience for me, and I’d like to have a grown up-size blanket of my own. Not sure when I’ll get started on this because of time and expense, but hopefully I’ll make it happen later on this year.
  • Make my home a small cool space again. I’ll be redecorating this year, more details on that later. But as always, I want to decorate my home in a way that is comfortable, functional, and represents me. I may not make it in time for the official Small Cool Spaces contest on Apartment Therapy, but either way my space will be small and cool.
  • Continue to focus the topics I blog about and plan more posts ahead of time.
  • Read more new releases. I have a long list of books to read that I’ll keep adding to, but I will make sure to include some brand new books released this year.

What do you think? I love reading everyone else’s goals too, so if you have some to share, let me know!

10 goals for 2013

New Year’s resolutions are so intimidating. You’re supposed to make a list of things to do the whole year automatically be a better person!? Whoa. Let’s just, whoa.


#fatcat is exhausted just thinking about it. So these are not resolutions. These are more like guidelines. Goals to help me focus, but nothing to stress over.

  1. Get my apartment ready and enter Apartment Therapy‘s Small Cool Spaces contest. I did this a few years ago with my old studio, and it’s one of my favorite things to look at on the whole internet. I look forward to seeing it every year.
  2. Focus on book-inspired crafts and outfit ideas. I did that a little bit more this year (here and here, for example), but I want to incorporate more of my reading into these posts.
  3. Read more than I did in 2012. I’m obsessed with Goodreads‘ book stats. It tracks how many books–and even how many pages–you read over the year.
  4. Continue exploring my personal style and sharing it here.
  5. Learn to crochet. I’ve been wanting to learn to crochet for a long time, so it’s past time to make it happen.
  6. Host a dinner party. I have the space now, and I’d really like to have friends over more often to share my home and have fun. I’ve just signed up for How To Plan A Better Party at the Brooklyn Brainery, so I’m on my way! Sign up if you want to take it with me!
  7. Host an online book club. I really love the idea of reading a book and opening it up for discussion here. Any books you want to read? Let me know!
  8. Plan to host a real life event. I also love the idea of hosting a real life event somewhere. I’d like to make a concrete plan of action before the end of the year and see what/when something could be possible.
  9. Start a thankful list. I’ve read a lot about how stopping to note what you’re thankful for can help set the tone for your day and improve your mood and happiness. Plus it just sounds like a good idea.
  10. Create some weekly features. For consistency and fun and consistent fun!

Whelp, there we have it. Any suggestions? LET’S DO THIS 2013.


Can you believe tomorrow is Dec. 1? Me neither. Roughly three weeks until Christmas and I feel way behind on cards and presents and just about everything. But before we leave November, take some time to check out the top posts this month.

And some November snapshots (I’m on instagram at raenudson)

cisco cat


christmas treehoundstooth jacketdiy jewelry displayvotingplate setting

I can’t wait to show you guys what did end up going on that wall I talk about in art. And today I’m getting my hair done, so come December I’ll have a whole new look. Other things I’d like to do in December, besides booze with my friends and family:

  • finish up reading more books than I did last year, and talk about them with you
  • share more of my slowly coming together apartment
  • keep dressing up, even though I’m working from home for a while (it is the month for holiday parties, after all)
  • look into some holiday craft/gift ideas

Let’s do this.