month in review: november

Happy (late) Thanksgiving!

I’m thrilled to announce a new Nudson! My brother and his wife welcomed Dylan Henly Nudson into the world the day before Thanksgiving and we couldn’t be more thankful both mom and baby are healthy and well. I am so excited to have a niece, and I can’t wait to meet her in a few weeks. The blanket I’ve been knitting is for her, and now that she’s here I hope to finish soon so we can snuggle her up in it.

So between that and spending Thanksgiving with family and friends in beautiful New Hampshire, I have been floating through the end of this month in a happy cloud.

The top posts of the month were:

  • what would death wear. This post was the most fun. I’ve discovered The Sandman comic series this year, and Death is a fantastic character. And Neil Gaiman, the writer of Sandman and many many other stories, saw this post on Twitter and retweeted it. It was so cool to reach out to someone whose work I admire and know they saw it. And the chatter on Twitter about what Death would wear was a blast. This is the reason I love this blog so much: I get the chance to connect with people and nerd out over new things.
  • yarn cross-stitch pillow. I love this pillow. It was a fairly easy (though sometimes tedious) project and looks much more expensive than it really is.
  • moma and what i wore. I went to my favorite museum this month and wore an outfit inspired by the artwork we saw.
  • marathon brunch. This month started with one of my favorite days of the year. The New York City Marathon is a big party for the city and we celebrated with brunch at my house–right on the path of the marathon.
  • project life: october (week 2). Project Life is still going strong for me. This has been one of the most consistent scrapbooking efforts I’ve undertaken and right now I think I’ll continue it into 2014. This week was dedicated to #fatcat.

November was amazing. I am so happy for this month and I can’t wait for December and Christmas! Some snapshots from the month (first one shamelessly stolen from my sister’s Facebook, the rest are mine):







Can you believe tomorrow is Dec. 1? Me neither. Roughly three weeks until Christmas and I feel way behind on cards and presents and just about everything. But before we leave November, take some time to check out the top posts this month.

And some November snapshots (I’m on instagram at raenudson)

cisco cat


christmas treehoundstooth jacketdiy jewelry displayvotingplate setting

I can’t wait to show you guys what did end up going on that wall I talk about in art. And today I’m getting my hair done, so come December I’ll have a whole new look. Other things I’d like to do in December, besides booze with my friends and family:

  • finish up reading more books than I did last year, and talk about them with you
  • share more of my slowly coming together apartment
  • keep dressing up, even though I’m working from home for a while (it is the month for holiday parties, after all)
  • look into some holiday craft/gift ideas

Let’s do this.