Can you believe tomorrow is Dec. 1? Me neither. Roughly three weeks until Christmas and I feel way behind on cards and presents and just about everything. But before we leave November, take some time to check out the top posts this month.

And some November snapshots (I’m on instagram at raenudson)

cisco cat


christmas treehoundstooth jacketdiy jewelry displayvotingplate setting

I can’t wait to show you guys what did end up going on that wall I talk about in art. And today I’m getting my hair done, so come December I’ll have a whole new look. Other things I’d like to do in December, besides booze with my friends and family:

  • finish up reading more books than I did last year, and talk about them with you
  • share more of my slowly coming together apartment
  • keep dressing up, even though I’m working from home for a while (it is the month for holiday parties, after all)
  • look into some holiday craft/gift ideas

Let’s do this.

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