goals for 2015

I’ve had a crazy busy December and then some crazy busy (and crazy cool) traveling, so I’m a little bit behind on some regular life stuff. Like laundry. And doctor’s appointments. And thinking about the year ahead, or reflecting on the year that ended.

2014 was a huge year for me. I ended the year in a new city and said goodbye to #fatcat, and a million other things that I haven’t processed yet because I’m still handling the first two. But I am happy and grateful to be where I am, and for now, that’s enough reflecting for me. So on to 2015, and the cool stuff I hope to do, try, and continue.

Drink more water. I already drink a lot of water, and this is the boringest of resolutions, but damn if I don’t believe it really helps quality of life.

Read books written by women and/or with a woman as a main character. This is more than just the Bechdel test–I want women to be front and center in my reading this year. I’ve talked a little bit about this in comics already, but I am ready to commit and see how this changes my reading habits, if I feel like I’m missing out on any stories/books everyone else is reading, and how it will change my perspective on life and reading. I have started my year off very well with Mistborn (written by Brandon Sanderson, with the super cool Vin as the main character), and I can’t wait to read more in that series. I won’t say I’ll stick to this for 100% of my books, but it will be a big focus for me this year.

Pare down. I have way too much stuff and too many clothes. So I’d like to keep editing my closet and my things, so I’m just left with what I really want and what really adds value to my life.

Sketch every day. I have already missed two days this year, but I’ll aim to sketch every day at least a little bit, and not to beat myself up if I miss it. You can follow along on Instagram or Twitter.

Have [redacted] amount of money saved by the end of the year. Money is usually on my list of goals for the year, but I’d like to try to save for a concrete amount. (I know what the amount is, just keeping it private for now.)

Go to the dentist and stop being a baby about it. I mean, really.

Continue to reach out to people on the internet and in real life. Last year I started (respectfully, I hope) emailing cool people I saw on the internet to talk about cool things, and it’s allowed me to chat with some wonderful, smart people I admire. It’s not as scary as you think it’s going to be, and it’s stretched my brain in the best ways.

So here’s to a great 2015. Thanks for reading and sharing this truly bananas year with me.


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