stripes, three ways

all stripes, all the time

I am so into stripes. I got this outfit a few weeks ago an can’t stop wearing it. Well, at least parts of it. It’s separates! Separates that go together and look like a great striped dress. It’s so comfortable and light for summer–I really can’t get enough of this skirt and top from the Loft.

work stripes

So I keep wearing it. Lots of ways. This time with a white pencil skirt. Ready for summer and ready for work. And if you’re going somewhere more casual…

striped skirt

Always add a gray T-shirt. And if you’re feeling it, tie it in a knot for a summertime crop top.

Now go forth and mix and match!

summer brights

work ootd

Summer seems to have arrived in New York. We’ve had a few good beach days, and today is just gorgeous. Summer is my favorite season in the city–I am certain there is no more fun place than New York in the summertime. To bring some of that cheer inside, I brought out some bright colors. Shirt from Marshall’s, shoes from Zara, bag from H&M, watch from the men’s section in Target. Skirt was a gift.

work outfit: green and black


Well, I hate to say it, but I’m on vacation and my week has been full of vacation clothes and swim suits.

Actually, I don’t hate to say that at all. But more on vacation style later.

This outfit was from last week at the office. Pencil skirt from Zara, shoes and shirt and necklace from Target. Purse from H&M. I really like how the dark green and black play off the leopard print shoes. Easy to wear and I felt really good in it.

You can see another time I’ve worn this shirt here.

blue blazer

blue blazer rae's days

Sometimes all it takes is once good piece. This blue blazer is a good piece. It’s a lovely cobalt blue. I got it from Marshalls. I’ve been mostly wearing it with black because it’s a nice contrast, and I recently wore this same outfit but with leopard print heels and I like it even more. I’ve also thrown it on with jeans, and I’m sure it would look good with a few dresses in my closet. When you see an item of clothing you love, I say go for it. It can take you far.

p.s. Man I can’t wait to get my hair cut. Maybe next week.

(almost) spring

Welcome to Spring. Officially it arrived last Wednesday, but yesterday it snowed so who can really say for sure. I’m past the point of all my tights this season having runs in them but not wanting to buy new ones because it’s supposed to be warm out. Which leads me to the wonderful world of pants.

work look of the day

Pants from Express a thousand seasons ago, shoes from Penneys (I think), purse from Target, sweater from Uniqlo, shirt from my mom.

I tried to welcome spring with at least a few bright colors, even though I’m still wearing layer upon layer so I don’t freeze. Hope at least some of you are getting nice weather! I’m getting tired of dressing for warmth.

back to work

back to work outfit

I went back to my office last week for the first time since Hurricane Sandy. It was like the Twilight Zone. I had notes on my desk about reports we did three months ago. My calendar was open to October. I found a box of pop tarts in my drawer–they were still good.

I tend to wear more skirts than pants, but I felt good in this outfit. Pants from the Gap, shoes from Target, blazer from Penneys, top from the Loft. I like how the polka dots in the shirt pick up the same colors as the leopard print in my shoes. It gave me just enough pep in my step as I walked around the office for the first time in almost four months.