blue blazer

blue blazer rae's days

Sometimes all it takes is once good piece. This blue blazer is a good piece. It’s a lovely cobalt blue. I got it from Marshalls. I’ve been mostly wearing it with black because it’s a nice contrast, and I recently wore this same outfit but with leopard print heels and I like it even more. I’ve also thrown it on with jeans, and I’m sure it would look good with a few dresses in my closet. When you see an item of clothing you love, I say go for it. It can take you far.

p.s. Man I can’t wait to get my hair cut. Maybe next week.

sweater to sweatpants

sweater rae's days

Sometimes my work outfit transitions from a day in the office to a night on the town. And sometimes it transitions into a night on my couch.

T-shirt and sweater from target, shoes and skirt from …. I can’t remember. Probably a department store. I like how the orange works with the gray and yellow striped sweater. A comfortable outfit plus pops of color? Sign me up any day of the week.

casual sweater rae's days


And when I get home, all I have to do is switch the skirt for some sweatpants, grab my kindle, and settle in on my couch with #fatcat. And sometimes it doesn’t get much better than that.

black on black

black rae's days

I wear all black a lot. Maybe it’s a New York Thing or maybe it’s a Rae Thing–at this point I’m not sure I know the difference.

But I do know that I felt cute in this outfit. It’s a little hard to see, but there’s super cute pleats on my top, which added a nice texture. To complete the look I added sparkle with a necklace and gold-tipped heels. I think this could easily go from the office to any after work fun.

Pants from Gap, shirt from Target, shoes from Zara, bag and necklace from H&M.

all about the dress

Dresses are so great. You only have to put on one thing and you are totally professional and put together. It couldn’t be easier!


I love this dress. I love the lines, I love the color, I love how it goes with tights because it’s still cold out. And on that note, I love that it looks just as good with or without my coat.

dress with coat

What do you do to make getting dressed easier?

(almost) spring

Welcome to Spring. Officially it arrived last Wednesday, but yesterday it snowed so who can really say for sure. I’m past the point of all my tights this season having runs in them but not wanting to buy new ones because it’s supposed to be warm out. Which leads me to the wonderful world of pants.

work look of the day

Pants from Express a thousand seasons ago, shoes from Penneys (I think), purse from Target, sweater from Uniqlo, shirt from my mom.

I tried to welcome spring with at least a few bright colors, even though I’m still wearing layer upon layer so I don’t freeze. Hope at least some of you are getting nice weather! I’m getting tired of dressing for warmth.

work it


I’m going on week three back at the office, which means week three of high heels and pencil skirts. Lucky for me, that’s one of my favorite combinations. My top and shoes are from Target, Skirt from Zara. Bag is good for airplane rides.

For me, this combo of a plain top, professional skirt and high heels is a quick and easy uniform for days when I’m not feeling that creative or awake. When I wake up late and am rushed, I know this will look put together and polished. And the best part is, there are endless combinations. Whether it’s a forest green skirt, cream top and leopard heels like this look, or a black skirt, black top and orange heels, like the look I wore yesterday. The silhouette works on me and is professional, so I can play around with the colors and patterns.