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I’m going on week three back at the office, which means week three of high heels and pencil skirts. Lucky for me, that’s one of my favorite combinations. My top and shoes are from Target, Skirt from Zara. Bag is good for airplane rides.

For me, this combo of a plain top, professional skirt and high heels is a quick and easy uniform for days when I’m not feeling that creative or awake. When I wake up late and am rushed, I know this will look put together and polished. And the best part is, there are endless combinations. Whether it’s a forest green skirt, cream top and leopard heels like this look, or a black skirt, black top and orange heels, like the look I wore yesterday. The silhouette works on me and is professional, so I can play around with the colors and patterns.

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  1. suzysomething says:

    I love the “fashion” information! I wonder how often Target (French pronunciation) is mentioned in the same sentence as Zara??

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