hot hot hot

What do you do when it’s this hot outside and you need to look professional at work but your commute includes walking in the sun and riding on hot trains?

Well, start with the bare minimum: a sleeveless dress and sandals.


Once you get to work, replace your sandals with some heels and add a blazer. Then realize you never should have kidded yourself about wearing your hair down, look for a hair elastic, and never find one.


Then hope your AC holds up for the rest of the day. Happy Friday!

back to work

back to work outfit

I went back to my office last week for the first time since Hurricane Sandy. It was like the Twilight Zone. I had notes on my desk about reports we did three months ago. My calendar was open to October. I found a box of pop tarts in my drawer–they were still good.

I tend to wear more skirts than pants, but I felt good in this outfit. Pants from the Gap, shoes from Target, blazer from Penneys, top from the Loft. I like how the polka dots in the shirt pick up the same colors as the leopard print in my shoes. It gave me just enough pep in my step as I walked around the office for the first time in almost four months.

new year, new polka dot blouse

I spent the weekend nursing a cold, so today (as part of my ongoing #thankful list) I’m thankful for cough drops and hot tea. And excellent TV. (I spent the whole weekend watching Homeland, and I don’t regret a second of it.)


But what better way to pick yourself up and feel better than to throw on some of your favorite patterns? Never heard that cold cure before? Trust me on it. Polka dot blouse from The Loft (I’m pretty sure), bag from the Brooklyn Flea, leopard shoes from Target. Skirt from my mom (I think she got it from JC Penney). Watch is also from Target, in the boys section.

For a lot of us, this is our first full week back at work, and I’m definitely still missing the holidays. But I guess it’s time to hang up my New Year’s hat, pick up my cough drops, and get to work.


Necklace and bag from H&M. Shoes from Zara. T shirt from Topshop. Skirt from JC Penneys.

It’s been fantastic fall weather in New York the past few days (except for that crazy wind and rain yesterday, which quite literally blew me away), so I turned to some fall colors. Mainly a deep yellow. (I wouldn’t quite call it mustard. Suggestions are welcome.)

I paired this not-quite-mustard yellow skirt with one of my favorite T shirts. I love gray. It’s a soft, comfortable color and it goes with everything. And because I dressed it up with a necklace and skirt, I totally got away with wearing a T shirt to work. When it got chilly, I threw on a black pashmina. All that was missing from my fall ensemble was a pumpkin spice latte. Or a pumpkin beer.

Other ways I wore this skirt here and here.