stripes, three ways

all stripes, all the time

I am so into stripes. I got this outfit a few weeks ago an can’t stop wearing it. Well, at least parts of it. It’s separates! Separates that go together and look like a great striped dress. It’s so comfortable and light for summer–I really can’t get enough of this skirt and top from the Loft.

work stripes

So I keep wearing it. Lots of ways. This time with a white pencil skirt. Ready for summer and ready for work. And if you’re going somewhere more casual…

striped skirt

Always add a gray T-shirt. And if you’re feeling it, tie it in a knot for a summertime crop top.

Now go forth and mix and match!

a little neon

Sometimes, in the dead of winter when I’m dreaming of beach vacation, it helps me to wear a little pop of color. Or, well, a lot.

neon office look

Dress from H&M, sweater from Uniqlo (and inspired by my friend Anna who had a cardigan in a similar color that I was obsessed with), Hue tights and shoes from Penneys. Belt is one that came with another skirt.

Wearing bright colors in winter was one part an effort to pretend I didn’t have a cold, one part a way to convince me it was warmer than it actually was, and one part just plain fun. Try it! It’s a guaranteed pick-me-up on gray days. When you’re ready to ditch work and head to fun, dress it up a little differently. Like this.

neon casual

I undid the belt, threw on some leopard flats from Target and donned a silk scarf as a headband. When it warms up I’ll ditch the tights and the sweater and have a whole new look. Don’t let anyone tell you that a hot pink dress isn’t versatile.



I am really into patterned blouses lately. I want all the patterns in all the colors so I can wear them all the time. I got this green shirt on Black Friday and even though I’ve been working from home, I dressed up like I was in an office…for five minutes to take these pictures. Pretend with me. Pretend there are boardrooms and cubicles behind me. Pretend I’m wearing make up and not using my glasses to cover my face. Now let’s pretend it’s time for happy hour.


Throw on your jacket, grab your clutch, and pretend it’s Friday instead of Monday. Have fun!

polka dot

Fridays in the summer mean happy hours right after work. Here’s how I took my look from work to play.

I put a light sweater over my polka dress. Both are from Express. Shoes are pink pumps from I can’t remember where. Belt–I think–is from Target. I really like this look. I like how the polka dots are just peeking out and I like the way the green belt goes with the pink. When work was over and I was ready for fun, I lost the sweater but kept the belt and threw on some sandals (from Target).

I had a really fun night. I hope you did too! Happy weekend.

Real time day to night part 1: here’s my office look. Green skirt, striped shirt, floral scarf. Check back later today to see how I take this look to the movies. Can you guess what I’m going to see?

black button up

Happy Friday! We’ve made it, and, man, am I ready for the weekend. It’s a three-day weekend for me (thanks, presidents). But first, I wanted to share a few looks with one of my favorite shirts. It’s the bottom layer in these looks, but that’s what I love about it. It’s so versatile. I bought it at H&M a few years ago. 

For work, I wore Gap cropped pants, socks with heels from JC Penny (really. They were $15), watch from Target, and clutch from Kate Spade.

For play, switched to a mini skirt from Forever 21, taller boots from I can’t remember where, and layered a sweater from Target. Obviously, also, I’m really into black and gray. But isn’t it a nice background for a rainbow sparkle clutch?  


So on Friday I went from work to a friend’s dinner. You saw most of this on Friday, but here it is again.

For my work look, I wore Hue tights, Loft booties, skirt and black top from … I can’t remember, probably Kohls. Sweater from H&M and belt that came with another skirt. When the work day was over and it was time for fun, I took off the sweater and replaced it with my jacket and put the belt over it. Outerwear…as inner wear? I think yes. I also switched my large tote bag for a large clutch. The tote bag and sweater and anything else I didn’t need to carry all night, I left in my desk. 

And when it was time to go outside? I bundled up.

Mittens and hat were gifts, jacket from Target, scarf and clutch I made myself.

real time

Ok guys, here we go. A real life, real time day and night. Here’s my work look

I’ll show you how I transition from work to dinner later on tonight!


In other things-I-bought-that-I’ve-written-about-before news, I found this sweet long-sleeved mini on sale, too.

Cute, right? Now, I wouldn’t wear this to work. It’s too short to be in an office, I think. Any office. But, if you want, you could layer up, and no one would even know the difference.

Remember, work is about covering up. If you’re unsure about the length, don’t try it. But with the addition of an easy layer, this dress becomes a structured look that has a little bit of an edge without being inappropriate.