So on Friday I went from work to a friend’s dinner. You saw most of this on Friday, but here it is again.

For my work look, I wore Hue tights, Loft booties, skirt and black top from … I can’t remember, probably Kohls. Sweater from H&M and belt that came with another skirt. When the work day was over and it was time for fun, I took off the sweater and replaced it with my jacket and put the belt over it. Outerwear…as inner wear? I think yes. I also switched my large tote bag for a large clutch. The tote bag and sweater and anything else I didn’t need to carry all night, I left in my desk. 

And when it was time to go outside? I bundled up.

Mittens and hat were gifts, jacket from Target, scarf and clutch I made myself.

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