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star wars #raesdrawing

I have been doing a lot of drawing/painting practice (follow along with #raesdrawings), hanging out with #fatcat, watching the original Star Wars movies, and a little bit of exploring around Lake Michigan and Chicago. It’s been a busy summer already and summer just officially started.

We’re going on our annual family vacation this week and I’m very excited. I’m still reading Mr. Mercedes, and I’m pretty into it, though I’m only about a third of the way through. I’m hoping to get some more reading and a lot of playing done on vacation this week!

past favorites: nero wolfe

So you’ve got your sunscreen on, your piña colada is cold, and you’re sitting by the pool. Now what?

This article I saw in the New York Times about different authors’ best summer reading experiences got me thinking of my own. Picking a beach read is an art, and one I’ll gladly devote time researching. Right now I’m reading Joyland by Stephen King–it’s good so far.

I like mysteries, and scary stories, and a good series. My favorite beach reads are the Nero Wolfe books by Rex Stout, and they can encompass all those things.


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end of the month review: may

May is over. May was wonderful. I completed one of my goals for the year. I spent an amazing weekend celebrating a bride-to-be. I am so happy and so excited that it’s summer.

The year is just about half way over. I can’t believe how fast it’s going. I also can’t believe how happy I am. Ka is a wheel, and I know there’s ups and downs, but I am grateful for this big up.

The top posts of the month were:

Some snapshots from the month (remember you can follow me on instagram at raenudson):



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