project life: a new niece

project life: a new niece

My Project Life catch up is continuing in the cutest way possible. We were lucky enough to welcome a beautiful baby girl to our family in November. My niece Dylan Henly Nudson was born Nov. 27, and these pages are all for her.

project life

I particularly like how groups of photos and project life cards are paired together and play off each other. My brother’s hand is the same shape of his arms holding her, and her sweet smile is mirrored on the top.

project life new baby

I will never get tired of looking at this sweet little face. Look how cute she is!

project life: new niece

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project life: october/november


I was lucky enough to get two–TWO–project life kits for Christmas: the midnight edition and the honey edition. And it has made catching up on Project LIfe so much fun.

I’m working on the end of the year and doing roughly a month or event per spread. Obvs, the birth of my adorable niece will get a whole two pages. Here’s the pages I have for the second half of October and first weekend of November.

rae's days project life

rae's days project life left page

rae's days project life right page

As I look through my whole album, there are some pages I really like and some I don’t,  of course. But either way I’m glad I’m recording these pictures. I still have a few events left in 2013 to get into this album, and then it’s onto this new year. At least I’m not too far behind.

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project life: october (week 2)

project life rae's days october spread

Obviously I have failed at my challenge of doing a project life spread for every week in October. I ran out of photo sleeves. And printer ink. (Whoops.) But here is week two, only a month or so late.

This week was one of those weeks where not much happened. I worked from home. I went to the eye doctor. I saw the movie Gravity.

But even during those kinds of weeks, #fatcat does a lot. A lot of napping. A lot of cuddling. A lot of looking cute.

rae's days project life left page

So this spread is dedicated to him. This is what my days look like when I’m not doing much.

I made the pictures black and white to unify them. And because #fatcat is black, it was pretty easy to do. I thought about adding an accent color, but whatever it would be would jump out a lot as the only color on the page and I didn’t want it to be too distracting.rae's days scrapbook right page

I like how it’s unified and I like that it’s something different for me. And he loved the attention all week long, I’m sure.

I’m glad I have these pages, and I probably wouldn’t have if I didn’t start this challenge. But after a slow start, it seems my regular system of doing project life after a month or a big event is working just fine.

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project life: october (week 1)

project life rae's days october

I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of keeping up with project life. I think it looks great and is easy enough for me to actually do it every few weeks. I had previous attempts at scrapbooking, but they ended up petering out after a few months. This time, instead of gluing, cutting, and arranging, I’m just slipping cool things into photo pockets. 

So this month I am going to step it up a little and make project life pages for each week instead of one or two pages per month.

left page project life

These pages are for the first week of October. My dad came to visit over the weekend, so I didn’t have much trouble finding things to document. My favorite part of the pages is the scene of the New York skyline at night that I printed out to take up two pockets. It was a panoramic image, so a little narrow. I used the white space underneath to write about the weekend.

right page project life

Paulie Gee’s, the restaurant we had dinner on Friday night, had postcards, so I included that, along with a bookmark from the bookstore where I go to book club. I also added an image from the program from A Night With Janis Joplin, a show I saw with my dad.

I’ll see how this month goes before committing to a page a week, but so far I like that it gives me a change to include smaller details.

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project life: august

project life august

For what seemed like a busy summer, I wasn’t always good at documenting what was happening. I didn’t have very many pictures for August, but I still like how it came out. I added an insert to include my post about the Breaking Bad event I went to, and I added a lot of pictures of projects I worked on that month.

left page project life

I included my Lying Cat embroidery with the tweet from Fiona Staples, the artist who draws Lying Cat. I also added my favorite outfit from the month and the cover of a book I read. I like adding the covers of books here and there to my spreads, I’ve done it in the past as well.

right page project life

For the right page, I included my knitting and Breaking Bad embroidery, along with a few pictures from outings with friends. I feel like this summer I struggled with keeping up with picture taking while I was out and about. I think project life still turned out well, but this month I’ll focus more on that.

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project life: beach vacation

fat cat and project life

More project life! This time from our wonderful family vacation. #fatcat definitely likes the pages.

left page project life

We had so much fun on vacation and there was no way I could include all the pictures. I chose some that I thought kept it beachy and relaxing–just like our trip.

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project life: april upate

project life rae's days

April was a crazy busy wonderful month. It started and ended with visitors, and there was a lot of fun all around.

rae's days project life album

I usually add one or two pages a month, depending on what’s going on and how many pictures/other stuff I have. This month I added an insert for extra pictures from one really amazing weekend.

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project life: chicago update

I’m home! I had the best vacation in Chicago. I am still not quite recovered. So instead of cleaning my house or making my lunch for tomorrow like a responsible adult, I updated my project life album from the weekend. You can see my first post on project life here.

project life pages

I love looking through this album. And we’re only three months into the year. I used some quote cards from Elise Cripe’s blog and included the key from our hotel room and a playing card in a pocket. I also included screen shots of some texts we sent each other. But mostly I used the pictures we took from the weekend. I’ve been trying to take more pictures and really try to document 2013!

page one project life

I am still obviously obsessed with project life, and I hope to keep going strong. With the fun things that are planned, it should be easy!