project life: october (week 1)

project life rae's days october

I’ve really enjoyed the challenge of keeping up with project life. I think it looks great and is easy enough for me to actually do it every few weeks. I had previous attempts at scrapbooking, but they ended up petering out after a few months. This time, instead of gluing, cutting, and arranging, I’m just slipping cool things into photo pockets. 

So this month I am going to step it up a little and make project life pages for each week instead of one or two pages per month.

left page project life

These pages are for the first week of October. My dad came to visit over the weekend, so I didn’t have much trouble finding things to document. My favorite part of the pages is the scene of the New York skyline at night that I printed out to take up two pockets. It was a panoramic image, so a little narrow. I used the white space underneath to write about the weekend.

right page project life

Paulie Gee’s, the restaurant we had dinner on Friday night, had postcards, so I included that, along with a bookmark from the bookstore where I go to book club. I also added an image from the program from A Night With Janis Joplin, a show I saw with my dad.

I’ll see how this month goes before committing to a page a week, but so far I like that it gives me a change to include smaller details.

You can see my other project life updates here:


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