outfits of jen from S.

jen heyward from s.

I had a lot of fun reading S., the puzzle book by Doug Dorst and J.J. Abrams. There are many stories within S. besides the main text the Ship of Theseus. I was most interested in the story of Jen and Eric, two students (kind of) who picked up the Ship of Theseus and wrote notes to each other in the margins.

I love researching, and I am not embarrassed that I also love gossip. Reading their notes in the margins was a fun, guilt free way to do both. By seeing what Jen and Eric wrote to each other, I began to put together their lives and relationship.

I don’t know much about Jen when the story starts other than she’s a voracious reader, has just been dumped, and just needs to pass a few more classes before she can graduate with her bachelor’s degree.

Jen seems smart–she can break codes and use clues to solve some of the Ship of Theseus’ mysteries. She also seems like she’s slowly coming undone as she gets further and further into Eric, the Ship of Theseus, and author V.M. Straka’s other books.

I used The Fashion Sketchpad again (I love it!) to imagine what Jen would be wearing through some of her journey. Then I filed in some color with my watercolors.

illustrating jen from s.

Jen’s a college student who seems more into her studies than fashion (not that you can’t do both), and she doesn’t have much money to spend on clothes. When Jen is sneaking around the tunnels to investigate they mysteries of S., I bet she’d wear something dark and sporty. If she’s researching in the library, it would be skinny jeans and a big sweater.

I think as she’s going through her breakup, Jen would turn to comfortable–but more importantly, comforting–clothes, like a giant old sweater she’s had for years. I imagined her in some brighter colors before her relationship ended, and then grays and blacks after as she tries to recover and begins investigating S.

outfits of jen heyward from s.

The purple stripes and green sweater are what I thought Jen might wear before she met Eric. She would wear some brighter colors, but still a simple look, as she goes to work or meets her old boyfriend for a date. She wears the necklace that he bought her as a gift and has her hair down and done. After he dumps her though, she stays in most nights, in leggings and his old sweatshirt, as she works her way through reading all of Straka’s books.

You can see my other post about S. here.

(I picked out this book on my own and am not being paid to write about it. But if you buy through my links I will receive a little bit of money for it.)

new outfit: blizzard

Polar Vortex II has kept me in Chicago for a few days longer than I expected. Luckily, I have access to a washer and dryer, so at least my reused outfits will be clean. But the same clothes every day can get a little boring sometimes. To stay warm in the frigid air, I piled on the layers.

My boots are from Banana Republic. Scarf from Target. Coat was a gift from my mom.

I hope everyone is staying warm!

top five fashion posts of 2013

I’ve continued exploring style this year. Not just for me–I’ve also imagined style for some of the character I’ve read about. And it’s been fun all year long. Here’s my top five favorite looks:

all blue outfit of the day

monochrome outfit: blue. I love pairing similar colors together, clashing or not. I think this outfit did it beautifully with cobalt and navy blue, and I love the leopard accent.

picnic outfit

welcome picnic and what i wore. My best friend got married this year, and what I wore to a picnic the weekend of the wedding was one of my favorite looks. Those pants are so fun, and I love the colors.

what would death wear on polyvore

what would death wear. I’ve been reading The Sandman comic book series and Death is a terrific character. She’s spunky and kind, and really not at all what I pictured Death would be. This was one of my favorite posts of the year because author Neil Gaiman saw it on Twitter and tons of people joined the conversation. Plus she’s just cute.

what i wore to breaking bad

breaking bad and what i wore. I had a super fun event to go to, so I dressed up with a top I stole from my mom’s closet and a teal skirt. I like how the colors don’t match exactly, but it still looks like it was made to wear together.

new pants outfit

new outfit: patterned pants. I like these pants so much, they show up on this list twice.

new outfit: sweater weather at work

rae's days outfit of the day for work
Today in New York it is rainy and snowy and blustery. But on another day last week, when it was more like fall and less like winter, I wore this sweater to work. I love the colors on it–it looks so fall to me. I paired it with a black pencil skirt and leopard shoes, and I felt cute and warm.

If I were to wear this outfit today, though, I’d add some tights and boots. For a more casual office, you could do jeans and a puffy vest.

Skirt from Banana Republic, shoes and bag from Target, sweater from JC Penney, chambray from Land’s End.

what would death wear

death neil gaiman's sandman

Death is my favorite of Dream’s siblings.

Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series has me saying nonsensical things like that and meaning every word.

In Gaiman’s universe, our hero Dream has six siblings. I’ve met five of them: Death, Desire, Delirium, Despair, and Destiny.

Destiny is the oldest, and he seems like a little bit of a wet blanket. Delirium sounds like she’d be fun, but she’s gone a little mad since the days she was known as Delight. Desire is a tricky scoundrel who takes the male or female form as he or she feels fit. Desire’s twin is Despair–and she just sounds exhausting.

Which leaves us with Death. She is spunky and kind. And eventually we all belong to Death, no matter how much time we spend tangling with her brothers and sisters. I like Death’s attitude and I like her style. Here she is in formal wear, for a family meeting.

death from the sandman

I’d like to pick up a lot of things from Death: how to be kind to people in a time of need, how to be dependable to your friends and family, and how to rock your own personal style. 

If Death were in real life instead of comic book life, here’s what she might wear:

outfit inspiration polyvore

Death can dress up, when the situation calls for it. But I bet her personality still shines through and you know she has some fun jewelry.

polyvore collage

If she’s heading out for a date night (does Death date??), I could see her throwing on some jeans and a cool blazer.

simple polyvore

And of course, she knows how to keep it simple and true to herself. You can read what I thought about Sandman Vol. 1 here. I’m on volume 6 now and I can’t wait to keep reading.

(I bought this book on my own and am not being paid to write about it. But I am a part of the Amazon affiliate’s program, so if you buy through my links I’ll make a little bit of money off of it.)

moma and what i wore

I had SUCH a fun weekend. It was full of date nights and museums and a marathon brunch (more on that later).
My favorite museum is the Museum of Modern Art. It has a lot of paintings that I like–and how fun is the design exhibit? On Saturday we checked it out, and this is what I wore. (Necklace is Dannijo, and purse is from the Brooklyn Flea. I can’t remember where I got the rest, probably department stores.)

The museum was full of inspiration. I like the cartoonishness of a sculpture we saw because it reminded me of the graphic novels I’m reading. I want to incorporate the mixed patterns and colors I saw into outfits for sure. And obvs I couldn’t resist having fun with reflections in a mirrored artwork.





new outfit: fall colors


Thanks to a 50% off sale at The Loft, I found some new pants. I love the color, and I think they will be excellent for some fall color blocking.

I’ve been struggling this fall to dress for the weather. We’ve had a few warmer than usual days and then a few pretty cold days and I get confused in the whirlwind. But today I was dressed in fall colors for fall weather and it worked out great.

Pants and jacket from The Loft, shoes from Target, top from Express.

new outfit: simple sweatshirt


I had a very lazy weekend. My one success was catching up completely on Scandal. While I was holding down the couch, I dressed the opposite of Olivia Pope in crisis mode. Where she was elegant gloves and all white without a chipped nail in her entire life, I was in sweatshirts and blue jeans and loving it.

Every day I wore some variation of this outfit. The staple was my new favorite sweatshirt. This is the same sweatshirt I used to create my other favorite sweatshirt–my DIY superhero sweatshirt of awesome. It’s from the men’s section in Target and it is perfect, with or without comic book accessorizing.

Shoes and purse are from Target, too.

a visitor and what i wore

rae's days outfit

My dad was in town over the weekend and I had the best time. We saw A Night With Janis Joplin, went to the High Line, out to dinner at Paulie Gee’s, had lunch on the waterfront. And this is what I wore (to lunch, anyway).

I love having visitors now that my apartment is big enough to comfortably fit more than one person. I’m proud of my home and I like sharing it. And it’s a good excuse to go to some of my favorite restaurants. The weekend was so fun–my return to the workweek was a little lackluster by comparison. How about you guys?

new outfit: blue stripes

stripes rae's days


We get dressed every day. It can get pretty boring after a while. Sometimes, to shake me out of a rut, I try to think of a new way to wear some of my favorite pieces.

I’ve worn all of these things before, just not all at the same time. But I love the way the teal skirt goes with the thin blue stripes on my top. And the pink heels just tops it off nicely. Shoes from Zara, skirt and top from the Loft.