top five fashion posts of 2013

I’ve continued exploring style this year. Not just for me–I’ve also imagined style for some of the character I’ve read about. And it’s been fun all year long. Here’s my top five favorite looks:

all blue outfit of the day

monochrome outfit: blue. I love pairing similar colors together, clashing or not. I think this outfit did it beautifully with cobalt and navy blue, and I love the leopard accent.

picnic outfit

welcome picnic and what i wore. My best friend got married this year, and what I wore to a picnic the weekend of the wedding was one of my favorite looks. Those pants are so fun, and I love the colors.

what would death wear on polyvore

what would death wear. I’ve been reading The Sandman comic book series and Death is a terrific character. She’s spunky and kind, and really not at all what I pictured Death would be. This was one of my favorite posts of the year because author Neil Gaiman saw it on Twitter and tons of people joined the conversation. Plus she’s just cute.

what i wore to breaking bad

breaking bad and what i wore. I had a super fun event to go to, so I dressed up with a top I stole from my mom’s closet and a teal skirt. I like how the colors don’t match exactly, but it still looks like it was made to wear together.

new pants outfit

new outfit: patterned pants. I like these pants so much, they show up on this list twice.

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