new year, new polka dot blouse

I spent the weekend nursing a cold, so today (as part of my ongoing #thankful list) I’m thankful for cough drops and hot tea. And excellent TV. (I spent the whole weekend watching Homeland, and I don’t regret a second of it.)


But what better way to pick yourself up and feel better than to throw on some of your favorite patterns? Never heard that cold cure before? Trust me on it. Polka dot blouse from The Loft (I’m pretty sure), bag from the Brooklyn Flea, leopard shoes from Target. Skirt from my mom (I think she got it from JC Penney). Watch is also from Target, in the boys section.

For a lot of us, this is our first full week back at work, and I’m definitely still missing the holidays. But I guess it’s time to hang up my New Year’s hat, pick up my cough drops, and get to work.

this post is full of spiders

If you are friends with me on Goodreads you know I am reading This Book is Full of Spiders (the sequel to John Dies at the End). It’s hilarious and fun and about a parasite demon creature that takes over an entire town and turns you into a dead, mindless killing machine. So, pretty much a zombie.

The government places a quarantine on the town, and our heroes, John (the one who dies at the end), David and Amy, try to find each other amid the craziness and break out of quarantine to save the town (John and David can see the invisible parasites because of a side effect of a drug they took a few years ago, so they can tell who is infected. They think). Shenanigans ensue.

But what would I do if I were running away from zombies? Well, let’s start with what I’d wear.

zombie gear

Black so you can blend in with the night. If you can, I’d recommend a ka-pow sweater for added courage. A puffer coat for warmth while you’re on the run, and a watch–for keeping time and possibly for bartering with other quarantine rebels. And you’d definitely need a cross-body purse, with zippers, for hands-free activities like running away.

You should also probably read this Vulture article on sawed-off shotguns, so you know what you’re dealing with.

You know what, we should really get a contingency plan in place.



I am really into patterned blouses lately. I want all the patterns in all the colors so I can wear them all the time. I got this green shirt on Black Friday and even though I’ve been working from home, I dressed up like I was in an office…for five minutes to take these pictures. Pretend with me. Pretend there are boardrooms and cubicles behind me. Pretend I’m wearing make up and not using my glasses to cover my face. Now let’s pretend it’s time for happy hour.


Throw on your jacket, grab your clutch, and pretend it’s Friday instead of Monday. Have fun!

polka dots

I love polka dots.


Like a lot. So much so that I wore two kinds of polka dots at the same time. Whatchu think? I think it can be difficult to take a playful pattern and make it seem grown up. And I think the key is structure and fabric type.  A structured blazer looks like work, and a silk dress seems more adult than cotton.

Please excuse the wonky picture taking. I’m still working on things like having a tripod.

in my white tee

I was planning on writing about something else today, but it turns out I still can’t get The Casual Vacancy out of my head.

Or out of my fantasy closet.

I try to find inspiration in what I’m reading, and there is a lot to be found in this book. Even on how to dress. When Samantha Mollison gives into a crush on a boy band member and buys tickets to take her daughter to see the band perform, she dons a band T shirt, jeans, and heels.

T shirts are so great. They are so simple, and I love how they can add a fun, casual vibe to any outfit, even if you’re dressing up for a big night, like Samantha. With the help of Polyvore, see how I’d like to wear a T shirt for several occasions.



I’m going to try to have some real-life closet examples in the coming weeks. Do you turn to T shirts as a wardrobe staple? Or do you leave them for the gym?


Necklace and bag from H&M. Shoes from Zara. T shirt from Topshop. Skirt from JC Penneys.

It’s been fantastic fall weather in New York the past few days (except for that crazy wind and rain yesterday, which quite literally blew me away), so I turned to some fall colors. Mainly a deep yellow. (I wouldn’t quite call it mustard. Suggestions are welcome.)

I paired this not-quite-mustard yellow skirt with one of my favorite T shirts. I love gray. It’s a soft, comfortable color and it goes with everything. And because I dressed it up with a necklace and skirt, I totally got away with wearing a T shirt to work. When it got chilly, I threw on a black pashmina. All that was missing from my fall ensemble was a pumpkin spice latte. Or a pumpkin beer.

Other ways I wore this skirt here and here.


I hope you had a great Fourth of July! I’m not that into obvious theme dressing–I like to be a little subtle–but I accidentally got decked out in American blue and I wasn’t sad about it.

My shoes even got into the spirit of things. Sandals from Target, fantastic gray T-shirt with blue and yellow flecks from Uniqlo, shorts from Topshop. Bag I made myself! I’m pretty excited about it. I love the fabric. Not only is it super cute, but it’s oilcloth, which makes it easier to clean. Perfect for a clutch, no?

My favorite part is the yellow tassel. I like to test things out before I post them, and it held up perfectly today. I can’t wait to get it up on the Rae’s Days store. I’ll let you know when I do!

This outfit was great for a relaxed Fourth with a few friends. We grabbed a drink in Brooklyn, and when it got too hot I just tied my shirt around my waist to make a midriff. Sometimes I just feel the best in a T-shirt and flats, you know what I mean?

Hope you had a great holiday with friends and family. Bummer to go back to work after such a fun day, isn’t it?

back to work

The past weekend was really fun, but work has definitely kicked up a notch this week. To keep my spirits up, I threw a few of my favorite things into one outfit. 

Chambray! Again. From Lands End. Skirt from Zara, sweater from Uniqlo (50% off heyyy), necklace from Dannijo, shoes from JC Penny. Belt from Old Navy. I think I’d like to add some jingly bracelets to this look, but I can’t wear too many at work or they jingle too much when I type. Also, you can’t really see them, but my nails are orange. Which I liked.