black on black

black rae's days

I wear all black a lot. Maybe it’s a New York Thing or maybe it’s a Rae Thing–at this point I’m not sure I know the difference.

But I do know that I felt cute in this outfit. It’s a little hard to see, but there’s super cute pleats on my top, which added a nice texture. To complete the look I added sparkle with a necklace and gold-tipped heels. I think this could easily go from the office to any after work fun.

Pants from Gap, shirt from Target, shoes from Zara, bag and necklace from H&M.

game of thrones outfit inspiration: arya

Arya, also known as The Coolest Person You Wish You Were, is back and wins this week’s episode of Game of Thrones. We find her on the run after she escapes from almost certain death by bargaining with a man who will kill whoever she wants. I love Arya’s spunk. While sitting down to dinner with her kidnapper (rescuer? It’s not clear), she doesn’t hesitate to pull out her sword and challenge a man about three times her size.

I think Arya gives everyone a run for their money. If she were working/playing in the city today, here’s what she might wear.

arya day outfit

She wore a lot of green this episode to blend into the woods. You can also wear it to stand out as a go-getter. Arya’s jewelry hints at the bones she could crush if she wanted. Her clutch doubles as a weapon–just in case. Her shoes are sensible, of course, so she can chase you if she needs to.

arya night

As Arya runs errands on the weekend, she casually throw on her fur–she is a daughter of the wolf after all. Her necklace is made up of the bones and teeth of lesser (wo)men. Her shoes have spikes because she had to leave her sword at home. She’s got everything she needs in her tote bag, including running shoes for a quick trip to anywhere.

(almost) spring

Welcome to Spring. Officially it arrived last Wednesday, but yesterday it snowed so who can really say for sure. I’m past the point of all my tights this season having runs in them but not wanting to buy new ones because it’s supposed to be warm out. Which leads me to the wonderful world of pants.

work look of the day

Pants from Express a thousand seasons ago, shoes from Penneys (I think), purse from Target, sweater from Uniqlo, shirt from my mom.

I tried to welcome spring with at least a few bright colors, even though I’m still wearing layer upon layer so I don’t freeze. Hope at least some of you are getting nice weather! I’m getting tired of dressing for warmth.

layers on layers

#fatcat and I are under two blankets on my couch right now. Maybe you don’t read the same Twitters that I do, but in case you haven’t heard, it’s cold in New York. And as much as I wanted to stay in and keep snuggling, I had to go to the grocery store today.

So I layered up.

cold weather gear

From the top down: I made the hat I’m wearing, and it’s the warmest one I have. I have on a tank top, my warmest sweater, a gray sweatshirt from American Apparel, a scarf from Target, and a jacket from JC Penney. Jeans are from Penney’s (I think) and under those are tights (Hue, from Macy’s). Then there are socks and boots, not pictured. On my hands are handwarmer/mitten combo, from Target.

And I was still a little cold. But not bad, really. Until my scarf started to blow off while I was holding my groceries and was one block from my house. That was a pretty long block.

How do you stay warm? I hope everyone has food in the house so they don’t have to go out tomorrow–I hear it’s going to snow. Luckily I have some hot cocoa and new books to keep me occupied!

(today I’m #thankful for shelter, and that #fatcat is safe and warm with me. I’m also #thankful for chick peas. I’ve been really into them lately.)