monochrome outfit: blue

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For weeks and weeks I’ve been trying to think of a good outfit that reflected Miss Blue Glass and Miss Green Glass. And though I’ve owned both of these pieces for a while, I didn’t think of putting together navy and royal blue until one morning when I was running late and trying on all my blazers to see which one I’d wear. And it clicked: a monochrome outfit I am really into. I did wear leopard print shows, though–I am still me.

So I wore it to work. And it was a hit at one of my meetings. Here’s the view from my floor, right by my cubicle. You could certainly do worse.

view from the office

Happy Friday!

miss blue glass and miss green glass

In Boy’s Life, which I totally loved, two sisters named Sonia and Katherina Glass were almost perfect mirror images of each other–except one always wore blue and the other green.

Now that is style. They adopted a uniform, dressed as themselves, and went with it. Plus monochrome can really be a great look. I don’t own enough of one color (except black) to pull off monochrome looks very often–and I have a pretty strong aversion to matching. But in honor of Miss Blue Glass and Miss Green Glass, let’s take a look at some killer blue and green clothes and accessories we could wear in our own lives.



I’m really into blue. It’s one of my favorite colors and I just think it’s beautiful–like the ocean and sky. Plus blue jeans are blue, so you’ve got that going for you. But I was surprised at how much I liked these greens.


green accessories

Gorgeous, right? Emerald and mint are really growing on me. Maybe soon I’ll give up mismatching for one day and pick a color and stick with it.