monochrome outfit: blue

outfit of the day rae's days

For weeks and weeks I’ve been trying to think of a good outfit that reflected Miss Blue Glass and Miss Green Glass. And though I’ve owned both of these pieces for a while, I didn’t think of putting together navy and royal blue until one morning when I was running late and trying on all my blazers to see which one I’d wear. And it clicked: a monochrome outfit I am really into. I did wear leopard print shows, though–I am still me.

So I wore it to work. And it was a hit at one of my meetings. Here’s the view from my floor, right by my cubicle. You could certainly do worse.

view from the office

Happy Friday!


  1. Great outfit, I love that blazer!

    1. rclnudson says:

      Thank you! It’s actually pretty comfortable too

  2. Iva says:

    you look so elegant and business like!

    1. rclnudson says:

      Thank you! That’s such a nice description

  3. Love the blazer, the colours lush! Please take a look and follow my style blog! 🙂

    1. rclnudson says:


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