baby blanket progress (11 inches)

baby blanket

At about 11 inches, I am a little more than a quarter done with the baby blanket I’m making for my niece (pattern from the Purl Bee). I feel like I really turned a corner once I started a new color.

baby blanket rae's days

It’s gotten a little bit chillier here in New York, and it’s nice to think about this blanket keeping a little baby warm. This stage in a knitting project is nice because you can start to really see what the final product will be. But it’s also hard to know there’s so far to go. I like that the blanket is striped because I don’t get bored with one color and it makes it really easy to mark progress. One stripe done, two stripes done, and on and on until you have several stripes in several colors.

baby blanket stripes

I think it’s coming out so lovely, and I can’t wait to keep going. Since colder nights are coming quickly, I am sure I can hunker down with a warm blanket and get more stripes done in no time. And I better hurry–the baby’s due date will be here before you know it!

You can see previous progress on the blanket at baby blanketbaby blanket progress (4 inches), and baby blanket progress (a note to baby girl).

project life: capturing an exciting announcement

A few weeks ago, when we were doing family book club, my brother made a really exciting announcement.

We all got on the video chat and someone noticed and asked what was on my bother’s T shirt. His shirt said “All hail the baby maker.” So my sister asked if it meant something, and sure enough it did. They are going to have a baby! His wife’s T shirt said “Coming soon” (though I was too slow to get a screen grab of it). 

Screen Shot

I felt like I was in a Google commercial. You know, the ones that make you cry. We were all far apart, but we all were together virtually when we heard this news. I later asked him to pose so I could take this screen shot, which I printed out to put into an entire page in my project life album. I mean, this is big news!

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