project life: capturing an exciting announcement

A few weeks ago, when we were doing family book club, my brother made a really exciting announcement.

We all got on the video chat and someone noticed and asked what was on my bother’s T shirt. His shirt said “All hail the baby maker.” So my sister asked if it meant something, and sure enough it did. They are going to have a baby! His wife’s T shirt said “Coming soon” (though I was too slow to get a screen grab of it). 

Screen Shot

I felt like I was in a Google commercial. You know, the ones that make you cry. We were all far apart, but we all were together virtually when we heard this news. I later asked him to pose so I could take this screen shot, which I printed out to put into an entire page in my project life album. I mean, this is big news!


For the other side, I placed some notes and quote cards, plus a stamp of what day it was.

project life baby announcement

I’m so excited and happy for my brother and sister-in-law. And I’m so excited and happy to be an aunt again! It is THE BEST.

You can see my other project life updates here, here and here. This has been such a wonderful way to capture a wonderful year so far. And I just got back from another (yes, another!) incredible weekend celebrating someone I love. I can’t wait to get that into project life and share it with you, too!

left page project life

Oh! The baby is due in December.


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