adventures in spray paint

rae's days shelf before

I have this shelf by my door. I use it to hold my purse or shoes right when I get home. It’s the perfect size for the tiny space between my front door and my closet. And it was black, which was fine. But not great.

So I got some spray paint. And headed to a rooftop.

roof top view

This was the view. Not too shabby. Then I put my shelf on some trash bags and started spraying. It went pretty well for my first time spray painting something, all things considered. I did a few coats and touched up some spots where I thought it was needed. I used Rust-Oleum high performance enamel spray paint in safety yellow.

painted shelf

Then I let it dry and soaked up some sunshine. It didn’t take too long before I was able to bring it back home…

painted shelf yellow

…and set it up by my front door. Much better, right? I love the pop of color. It makes me really happy to see it right when I walk in my place!

I spent most of the week focused on my apartment (and making pillows) instead of embroidery because I wanted to get it ready for Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool Spaces contest. I entered this weekend, so I hope my apartment gets picked and posted later this week!


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