pillow talk

rae's days couch

It’s finally time for Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool Spaces contest! I can’t wait to enter, but first I have a few finishing touches to complete for my apartment. One of those touches is these throw pillows.

throw pillows

I made them! Well, I made the pillow cases, anyway. The pillow forms I got from Ikea.

pillow forms from ikea

I started by taking out my pillows, ironing board and fabric (remember the fabric I bought a few weeks ago?).

rae's days fabric

Then I measured and cut the fabric. My square pillows are 13×13 and the rectangle is 22×14, so I cut fabric 14×14 and 23×15, so I’d have a half-inch seam allowance.

almost done pillows

Then I sewed the pillow cases on my sewing machine. Don’t forget to leave a spot open to get your pillow in! I thought my pillows wouldn’t fit, but I just kept stuffing them in until I worked. That’s either a lesson in hard-headedness or not giving up–but either way, it worked.


Success! I love these pillows. I love that I have decorations that are handmade and unique to my home. I can’t wait to finish up my apartment and show you the rest of it!


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