Birthday fun (not mine)

It was my nephew’s birthday this past week (also my Dad’s, big birthday week for us). Unfortunately, I don’t live by either of them, but if I did and I was running from work to a kid’s birthday party, this is what I would do.

Believe it or not (ok, it’s not hard to believe) that is a sleeveless dress with a black shirt underneath it. You know, for when you aren’t quite done with that summer-time dress. I actually like the way it looks with this one, sort of geometric. For the party, I would take off that dress and don:

Those pants. Thanks, Polyvore. Ok, I cheated and am demonstrating with my fantasy closet again, but only because I don’t own those Rag & Bone jeans in real life (even though I’ve been wanting them for months. MONTHS.) Same shirt—all you have to worry about is throwing your dress in your bag and putting on a fun pair of jeans. Instant style, no? And you need jeans and flats when you are at a three-year-old’s birthday party so that you, too, can join the bounce house. And/or tag playing. And/or whatever it is three-year-olds do at birthday parties. (If your nephew is anything like my nephew, you will end up playing hide and seek over and over again, as he hides in the same spot.)

The thing I like best about this trick is how different you can look with just one item of clothing. And it’s easy to carry and easy to change into.

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