Transitional dressing

You know that in-between time, when summer is leaving, and you haven’t switched out your winter and summer clothes, and you aren’t sure if its going to be warm or cold or how many layers you should be wearing? This is that time. Run with it. Use it as an excuse to do crazy things that don’t make sense in any other season. Like wearing scarves with tank tops. Or wearing knee socks and shorts. Or gloves with a T shirt. See below.

Work it:

OK, I don’t have a cape, but if I did, I probs be wearing it. I had to make do with a sweater draped over my shoulders, but that’s cool—I like the look. Wide leg pants, my favorite most versatile tank, my layering necklaces (that I plan on adding to), and fun shoes peaking out below.

Go run those errands:

Heyyyy, socks with shorts. Tank top and sweater stay the same, switch the bottoms and add a scarf. I also switched the fun shoes for ballet flats, ‘cause errands require quicker feet.

Your turn. Email me at, follow me @rclnudson, and I’m trying this Facebook thing, I hear it’s popular.

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