Fall office wear

“I tried to get crazy for fall. Really, I did. This morning I tried layering two tank tops and a vest. I even tried multiple scarves. But I felt like I was still too casual to work. Can you recommend some crazy-for-fall-but-still-professional-enough-for-the-office layering ideas?” — Commenter Jewels

Great comment, Commenter Jewels! Here are some ideas for fall office wear.

  • Like a T shirt? Got an outfit you love but aren’t quite sure about for work? Throw a blazer or light jacket over it. Roll up your sleeves if you want, and let the underneath layer show.

  • If you have some open-toed shoes you aren’t quite finished with, throw on some black tights or cute socks before the weather gets too cold and you have to close-toed everything.

  • On the flipside of that, got boots or booties you are already ready to rock? Throw them on underneath a skirt or cropped pants and show them off before it gets too cold to show off anything.
  • For winter, I like to use the biggest scarf I can find to bundle up, but that is usually too bulky for inside wear. Get a light scarf or pashmina to throw on to keep the chill off at your desk. This is also a fun way to play with color and patterns.

  • Got a great sleeveless dress? Throw a button up on underneath it to keep it ready for work. Got a colored shirt and a colored dress? Even better, my color-blocking friend.

  • I also like to do this with shirts or sweaters. A collar poking through can add a little bit of professionalism to basics already in your closet.

Mix and match any or all of these ideas in your look to layer it up for fall. This is just a place to start, got any ideas? Want to show me your look? I’d love to hear and see them! Email me at raesdays@gmail.com, tweet me @rclnudson, or leave a comment down below or on Facebook.

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