oodles of charm (embroidery no. 6)

oodles of charm

I can have oodles of charm when I want to. This quote is also from Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut. I love his writing because there’s a darkness and a kind of rambling that has these brilliant quips and nuggets of truths.

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gibberish (embroidery no. 5)

Have you ever noticed how in TV shows and movies, everyone is always on some sort of quest? The characters have to find all the horcruxes, go battle vampires (Buffy, not Twilight in this instance), or escape from a terrifying reality show and certain death.

Real life, for me anyway, is nothing like that. Real life is slow. Real life is researching at a desk instead of running around the world. Real life means planning, and meetings, and slow, constant frustrations.

That’s why I like making things. Each project is an adventure, even just from your own apartment. It’s a little way to create something, to do something new, and to accomplish something even when all the other frustrations seem like they won’t go away.

I had a week like that this week. Nothing big–we are all healthy and happy. But little frustrations have made it difficult to get things done. And it’s made me feel kind of like this week’s quote.

gibberish sprinkled with question marks embroidery

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