lying cat (embroidery no. 14)

lying cat saga

If you’ve read Saga (like you should!) you must love Lying Cat. She is sidekick to The Will and can tell when someone is lying. We all need some Lying Cat in our lives–but since I can’t get a hold of the original, I embroidered this. Here’s a closer look.

Lying Cat from Saga

I chose this view of Lying Cat because you can see her pretty well, but she has some great moments and expressions throughout all of Saga. Saga has adventure, fantasy, space travel, friendship, humor–it’s all there. And I have fallen in love with these characters (not just Lying Cat, but all of them!). I had never read a comic book before–a mistake I am hurrying to rectify. To me, it’s learning a story in a really fun, new way. I see colors, expressions, surroundings, and all of this is part of the story. Every time I look through it I feel like there’s more details and story to pick up on. It’s so fun.

saga lying cat

I love the relationship between Lying Cat and The Will. The Will is a freelancer–basically a hired gun. He is hired to go after the heroes of our story, Marko and Alana. The Will relies on Lying Cat and you can see the love and history between the two. And it fills me with joy and makes me think of #fatcat.

Do you think there’s any resemblance?

#fatcat and #lyingcat

I even got to tell the artist Fiona Staples that I loved Saga and Lying Cat. Through Twitter! (I really love Twitter too, but that’s a whole other story. What other medium can get you direct contact with artists, writers, and other fellow humans!)


It was a pretty exciting moment in my nerd life. (Also you guys should follow @fionastaples.) The next issue of Saga comes out today. I am going to download it through Comixology. Check it out or stop by your local comic book store today! You can see my other posts on Saga here: saga-inspired interiors and saga: white outfit inspiration.

I am working on a project to sew some of my favorite quotes and images from books. You can see the other quotes in my embroidery project here:


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