superhero sweatshirt

It’s no secret that comic books are my new favorite thing. But I fell in love with some comic-book-inspired Philip Lim sweaters last year, before I read my first one. They are cheeky and cool–and just fun, right?

polyvore inspiration

Unfortunately the real deal was over my budget. Philip Lim did come out with a Target collaboration recently, but it was sold out at my Target.

So I made my own.

rae's days comic book sweatshirt

I started with a beautiful gray crew neck from the boys section at Target.

target sweatshirt

Then I designed my own version of ka-pow on InDesign. I printed my stencil and used it to cut out felt, which I then arranged and sewed onto my sweatshirt. I like using felt for a lot of projects because it’s sturdy and pretty–but most of all because the edges are finished and that saves a few steps for me.

ka pow comic book inspired sweatshirt

I used top stitching to secure the letters. I could have hand sewn it and made it a lot more perfect, but I wanted the speed that came with my sewing machine. I’m considering my imperfect lettering as part of the comic book charm.

sewing comic book sweatshirt

This whole project took me one afternoon–I felt like a crafty superhero.

rae's days sweatshirt


  1. strandstyle says:

    Awesome idea!!!!!!!

    1. rclnudson says:

      Thanks! It was really fun

  2. AgzyM says:

    Awesome! I got a few comic book inspired T-shirts at Tesco but the greedy geek wants more!

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