baby blanket

yarn for blanket

A few months ago we learned of the exciting announcement that my brother and his wife are expecting. And now I’ve promised my little baby niece a baby blanket. I am following the pattern for the chevron baby blanket from the Purl Bee, one of my favorite knitting/sewing blogs.


As you can see, I haven’t gotten very far. But I have started! And I have a few months yet to get it finished before she is due. I’ll keep you posted.

New yarn, or the materials for any new project, seem so full of possibilities, don’t they? You haven’t started yet, so you haven’t made any mistakes, and there’s this wonderful idea you are setting out to create.

The trick is getting started. And once you’ve started, the trick is to keep going. These things sound easy, but they are not.

I am not a perfectionist–not really. If I were, I’d never get anything done. There’s this unofficial rule in editing where when you’re doing a final proofread on something, you should only make changes if it would be incorrect or mortifying not too. Otherwise you’ll likely try to fix something and end up worse than how you started.

I employ this philosophy also in my knitting. In fact, I have already messed up one of the stitches. But I think (hopefully) no one will notice. So I just keep going. And hopefully this tiny row of knitting will turn into a lovely squishy blanket for my baby niece.


  1. Verónica says:

    Love the yarn you selected!

    1. rclnudson says:

      Thanks! I chose it to go with the baby’s room.

      1. Manon says:

        What kind of wool did you use ?

      2. rclnudson says:

        I’m using super soft merino from the purl bee and I realllly like it

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