chapter 19 (embroidery no. 10)

harry potter illustration embroidery

I did something a little different for today’s embroidery. For those of us who grew up with Harry Potter, a charming part of those books were the illustrations in the American version at the top of each chapter. I had a small embroidery hoop lying around that was really the perfect size to fit the drawings at the top of the page–just a few inches across. So I took my paperback of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and picked one of my favorite illustrations. And using the back stitch and Sublime Stitching’s tutorial for the chain stitch, this is what I came up with!

embroidery and book illustration

It’s a lot simplified because it’s very small. I used green for the trees because honestly I didn’t have brown thread, but I like the simple, wintry color palette of green and white.

I’ve written before about why I like the story of Lily and Snape, which is embodied by his doe patronus. I think Harry’s fate, and the fate of his world, hinged on Lily’s love and respect. And I love that.

harry potter illustration embroidery

Usually each Sunday I post an embroidery from the project I am working on to sew some of my favorite quotes from books. Let me know if you have any quote suggestions! You can see the other quotes in my embroidery project here:


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