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rae's days small cool spaces

I finished one of my 2013 goals of decorating my apartment to enter Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool Spaces contest! I’m so happy with my home. I am really proud of turning this apartment into a place I truly enjoy spending time in and showing off. Please stop by Apartment Therapy’s site and vote for my place and any others that you like!


I love having a full size couch. In my old apartment I could only fit a loveseat, and it was a little too small for company or comfortable naps. Plus, I got to add some pillows that I made!

living room detail

This is one of my favorite details. On the table next to my couch I have a framed copy of The Maneater, the student newspaper where I worked in college. I also placed the copy of New York magazine from Hurricane Sandy. The clock is from an art fair in my hometown.


And you all have seen my painted shelf! This entryway is such a great thing to come home to every day. And my best friend Jewels made me that knitting poster.


I finally cleaned up this bookshelf and it is so much prettier and easier to use.


My kitchen is one of the biggest areas in my apartment. I love having the bookshelf and table over there so I can use that area more.

kitchen detail


living room art wall

This is another favorite part of my apartment. The paintings on the wall are from myself and my family. I love having such a personal touch on display. You can see my screen printing projects that I’ve hung up here and here.


And my bedroom! It was one of the last rooms I worked on but now it’s one of the best places to spend time. I love the bedding and another handmade pillow case. I love the diy jewelry display. And you know I love the embroidery display.

bedroom rae's days mirror

I have some old screens that I used to separate areas in my last studio apartment. Now I use them to display cards I have received. I put some of the same hot pink paper from my kitchen cabinets into the windows of my Ikea dresser. That mirror is from Ikea, too, and I love how it’s (at least a little) ornate.

bedroom rae's days

Thanks for checking out my apartment. I wasn’t able to include all these pictures in my entry, but I’m so proud of the entire space.


  1. norazura says:

    I’m Malaysian, I love to read ur life story…

  2. redesigned says:

    Very nice! Best of luck! ~M.

  3. I love your apartment! I can’t wait to come visit! I think I will always miss that shelf by your bed that was in your old apartment — especially how well you utilized that space — but I really love all your homemade touches in this one! If I had to guess who lived here out of all our friends, I know it would be you!

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