i carry your heart with me (embroidery no. 9 and happy mother’s day)

i carry your heart embroidery

This one is for my mom. Most of you are familiar with this E. E. Cummings love poem, but I believe this particular line can speak to many kinds of love.

I don’t live near my mom. My parents are in Atlanta where today I believe they are going on a motorcycle ride in the nice Southern weather. So we can’t spend this Mother’s Day, or many other days, together. But my mom has made me strong, so that I can come to New York and go to work and build a life. I bring her strength and her love with me always.

I talk to my mom just about every day. (I asked my sister once if you need your mom less when you get older. She said no.) She listens to me when I go on and on about some boring thing that I’m now super interested in, or she lets me explain the plot of whatever book I’m reading, and she celebrates with me when things are good, and is sad with me when things are sad.

She helps me. Over the phone, or in New York when she came to visit a few weeks ago. We got a lot done in my apartment, and we went to stores and restaurants, and I thought, how nice this is, to have a partner for every day things.

me and mom

We went to dinner then, and I wish we could go to dinner tonight. But since I can’t be there in person, I’d like to use the internet today to say happy Mother’s Day, Mom. I love you, and thank you for all that you do.

rae's days embroidery

Usually each Sunday I post an embroidery from the project I am working on to sew some of my favorite quotes from books. Let me know if you have any quote suggestions! You can see the other quotes in my embroidery project here:


  1. Linda Nudson says:

    Thank you so much! I have been given the ‘perfect’ daughter. You have always been such a gift to my/our lives. Love you always and forever!!!!!!

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