project life

I’m obsessed with this blog, Enjoy it by Elise Cripe. Completely obsessed. I love her crafts, I love her writing, and I love love love Project Life.

I’ve tried scrapbooking before when I was younger, but never kept it up. But Project Life makes scrapbooking really easy. Using photo pocket pages, you can easily stick in photos, decorative paper, or anything else that can fit. To me, this makes it more about documenting every day life and less about organizing the layout, which is wonderful but never something I’ve been able to do consistently.

So, I’ve finally gotten some project life supplies and jumped in. My friend Jewels at Oven Lovin has started on this project, too. You can see her project life pages here. With all this inspiration, I’m really excited to have gotten started.

page 1 project life


page 2 project life


page 3 project life

And here’s a page I haven’t quite finished yet

sneak peek project life

My plan is to do this for all of 2013. It’s been a really great year so far and there’s more really fun things coming up. Like family vacation! And my best friend’s wedding! And my upcoming trip to Chicago this week!



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