favorite quote embroidery project

So I’ve gotten into embroidery. It was only a matter of time. I have just barely dabbled in it, but I’d like to explore more. I like that it’s tedious–I get in a zone.

Since I’ve rearranged my room, I’ve been thinking of ways to make it more homey and more me. I’ll eventually get a new comforter and a rug, and I’ll add to my pictures and cards. But I wanted to add more of a handmade touch. So this weekend I looked around my craft supplies and found the perfect fabric to embroider and my only embroidery thread. I roughly cut the fabric to fit into my 6 in. embroidery hoop and then I used my fabric pen to write in my own handwriting. My goal was to pick something short and sweet, use resources I had around my house, and try embroidery to see how it went.

It went well!

always embroidery

I’d love to continue to embroider using bigger and smaller hoops to make different-sized final products. My plan is to embroider some of my favorite book quotes, then to hang them up on the wall above my dresser. Kind of like this.

embroidery hoops decoration

For my first experiment, I chose “always.” I picked it because, well, it’s one word and I had never done this before. But more importantly, Lily Evans, Harry Potter’s mother, is one of my favorite literary characters. She has died before our story begins, and we learn about her from the way others speak of her and through their memories of her. She is beautiful, strong, loving, and kind. [HP SPOILERS AHEAD]

I believe Lily’s kindness was the key to Harry saving his world from Voldemort. Lily believed in herself and stuck to her morals when Snape was younger and getting into the dark arts. Lily was kind to Snape when no one else was, but she loved herself enough to end their friendship when she didn’t agree with his choices and he wasn’t treating her well. But because she was kind, and because she was who she was, Snape loved her. His love for Lily led Snape to protect Harry and to be the final key Harry needed to take down Voldemort forever. Snape loved her–he loved her “always.”

Lily’s kindness touched Harry’s world in many ways. She treated Lupin with respect when he became a werewolf. Lupin later cared for Harry, partly, I think, because he was honoring Lily. When Harry needed the memory from Slughorn, it was thinking of Lily’s charm and her gift of a fish and blooming flower that caused Slughorn to tell Harry the truth. And the first time Harry meets Voldemort, it is a mother’s love–Lily’s love–that protects Harry. A love that strong physically hurts people who have never experienced it.

I think women often get the impression that to be a good person and to be truly kind you must put everyone before yourself. One of the things I love the most about Lily is that she was kind and respected every person or creature she met, but she remained true to herself and took care of her needs. She had the self-respect to walk away, but was never cruel in the process. She was also spunky, charming and fun. (Kind of like another red-haired girl we meet in Harry Potter.) I try to remember Lily in my daily life and aspire to show others the kindness and respect that she did.

I can’t wait to continue this project and add to my favorite literary quotes and characters. Do you have any suggestions, anything you’d like to see?


    1. rclnudson says:

      Thank you!

  1. Nancy says:

    I like this project. I used to embroider all the time. Check out different kinds of stitches like French knot and daisy chain. You can mix more than one color thread thru your needle for an interesting look or embroider with yarn or ribbon. You can even add sequins, beads, buttons, etc. Seems like hoops come in colors or wooden ones can be painted. I look forward to seeing this develop. You can make a pattern on grid paper and also use embroidery fabric and count it out. Floba cloth is nice. Good luck.

    1. rclnudson says:

      Thanks! I’ve seen you work, it’s so good! I can’t wait to try all those things, they are such good ideas

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