I, like the rest of the nation, need a pick-me-up. After days of off-and-on tears, and off-and-on news, knowing we can do nothing to ease the always-on pain of the families who have lost someone, I did my best this weekend to stay busy and keep my mind occupied.

So I rearranged my room. (And almost got stuck under my headboard.)


Here it is when you walk in. To the right, you’ll see my shoes and my picture frame jewelry holder.

shoes and jewelry

And to the left, you’ll see my repurposed screens. They used to divide my old studio. Now, I think they’ll show off pictures and mail from friends. Jewels, of Oven Lovin, has a similar greeting card garland as part of her Christmas decorations.

picture screens

#fatcat enjoyed my new room.

fatcatQuite a bit.

I also recently filled the space above my tv.

living room raes days

Want to see it closer?

paintings raes days

My dad has painted on and off for many years, and he let me take home some of his paintings. And I snuck in one my mom painted, too. I’d also like to fill the spaces on the bottom left and right, but I’m not sure with what. Maybe a new painting that hasn’t been made yet.

I’ve done a lot of crafting this weekend, to keep my hands busy. I also painted my nails.

essie a cut aboveIt’s Essie’s A Cut Above. I like it because it reminds me of champagne, and I’m excited to see my friends over New Year’s.

I hope you’re excited to see your family and friends over the holidays as well. And I hope we all hug each other a little tighter.

Thinking of you, and thinking of Newtown.


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