countdown to moving day: 13 days

I keep putting things in boxes, but so far my apartment does not look any emptier.

so many boxes


Believe it or not, this is when I was halfway done with my kitchen. How do I have so much stuff in an apartment that’s only 300 square feet?

costs so far:

  • $12.50 on newspapers
  • $20.99 on boxes and shelf liner
  • $20 on cars to take home boxes and drop off clothes at Housing Works
  • $150 on my credit card to reserve movers

So far I’ve gotten rid of clothes and books, and I’ve gotten an alright start on packing up some boxes. With 13 days to go hopefully I’m on the right track.

I also started this box log that I’ve read a lot about. I have been numbering each box as I go along and writing what is in the box on the side of it. But I’ve also started a google doc that lists each box with the number, what’s in it, and what room it should go in. The idea is that when I move and am looking for my travel coffee mugs, I will know they are in box 5 in the kitchen, and I can go and fish them out. (True story, they really are in box 5 in the kitchen.)

Moving is a lot of work, guys. My arms are sore and I haven’t even MOVED anything yet. Time for a break?

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  1. Linda Nudson says:

    Looks like you’re doing a great job! Far more organized than I ever was on our moves. You always liked to plan ahead, and you make things happen. I’m proud of you!

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