countdown to moving day: 14 days

I’m moving. Just to another place in Brooklyn, but you guys it has three closets. THREE. And a bedroom. A BEDROOM.

I’m excited. Moving is always stressful so I handled it appropriately by crying to my mom, eating lots of oreos, and then (finally) bucking up and getting busy. (ps, thanks mom.)

But now that I’m onto the getting-busy part of the program, here’s whats going on.

I booked movers

Movers are expensive, but what are you going to do, carry your Ikea bookshelf down 4th Avenue all by your lonesome? I think not. I got a recommendation from friends, and that recommendation was worth it to me to not shop around too much for other places because I believe they are trustworthy people who do a good job. I’ll let you know how it turns out on moving day.

I got boxes

I went to Lowes, picked up some boxes, and made it one block down the street before I called a car. Eventually me and my boxes made it home and I am honestly the most excited to use my colored duct tape for color coding said boxes and using fun sharpies to write on said boxes than I am for just about any other part of this process.

duct tape

I started clearing out my stuff

I have several bags of clothing and a few boxes of books that are waiting to be brought to Salvation Army or are on the sidewalk waiting for fellow Brooklynites to pick them up off the street. This weekend I’m going to focus mostly on clearing out and packing up things I don’t use very often. On this note, the Rae’s Days shop will be on pause for one month until I am settled in my new place. Thanks for understanding.  Also if you are walking down Prospect Park Southwest and see a bunch of books, please take some, they are for you.

take one

I’ll keep you all posted on moving (duh) and if anyone has any questions about moving in New York, let me know. I need all the help I can get and would be happy to help anybody else with information or commiseration any way I can. Also if you have any moving tips, please share. Please, please, please share.

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  1. Linda Nudson says:

    I’m proud of you!!! You are doing such a good job getting “all your ducks in a row” to make this move happen! It’s a big job and you have planned well. I’m also excited for all of the closets and the bedroom!! Life is good!! Can’t wait to see you there!!!

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