Greeting from Florida! Right now I am with my family on our yearly family vacation and I couldn’t be happier about it. It’s a beautiful day and we are staying in a beautiful house and I got to spend my birthday and father’s day with my family. I turned 25 yesterday. That’s kind of a big number, right? Your excuses start to run out at 25. You aren’t in your early 20s anymore. You are getting close to 30. Other people have husbands and babies and houses (yikes!). So here’s 25 17 things I learned this past year that can maybe help me be a grown up. Or that just help me be me.

  1. It doesn’t have to hurt so bad. So call your doctor or your therapist. Or take some medicine, or call a friend, or whatever. You don’t have to be in so much pain.
  2. Your life will be easier if you just regularly buy the nice paper towels.
  3. One party will not make your life. Neither will one day or one mistake.
  4. You should learn to make a really good cup of coffee in your home. You know, if you like coffee.
  5. If you want to do something, make a plan. It’s easier to get people to join that way.
  6. If you don’t want to do anything, stay in! It’s ok.
  7. If you already pay for cable and love all things HBO, the extra $15 to get the channel and HBO Go might be (definitely is) totally worth it.
  8. Eating enough and getting enough sleep is hugely important.
  9. If you want to do big things, take baby steps. Not only will this get you started, you will also feel infinitely smarter than the people who have big dreams and have taken no steps.
  10. This includes preparing for retirement or home ownership. Save a little! Thats a baby step!
  11. Learn what types of beers (or whatever) you like. Try a lot of them.
  12. If you are feeling trapped or overwhelmed, a walk helps.
  13. There is nothing shameful about liking terrible tv shows meant for preteen girls.
  14. My friends constantly surprise me with their awesomeness. This is awesome. (ok, I knew this one already)
  15. It’s really great to find a make up look and hair style you feel confident in.
  16. Right now in my life, the best part of being a grown up is planning vacations (you can go anywhere! all you have to do is buy a plane ticket!).
  17. The fourth season of the wire is the best television I have ever seen.
Got any tips for me? Any of your own lessons? Let me know, I could use all the help I can get.


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