a birthday goal

Did you guys know my birthday is coming up? I’ll be 25 this Sunday. I know it’s not really old at all but it’s still throwing me for a loop. And it’s got me thinking about life and goals an all that good stuff. So I’m proud to announce that starting on my birthday (which is also father’s day!) 10% of all Rae’s Days proceeds will go to the International Book Project

Did that seem like a big jump? Let me explain. Books have inspired the products on Rae’s Days and inspire my life. And I’d like to help others have the opportunity to fall in love with reading. I could go on for days about how much I believe in reading, how much good I think it does for kids and adults, how wonderful it is to leave your own world while you’re still on your couch, but hopefully you’ve heard it all before. 

So I’m hoping to mesh the sewing and crafting and blogging with reading a little bit more because I’d like all of this to be for something bigger. We all know how much I love a good handbag, but a bag that was inspired by a moment in a story and that you can carry around secretly knowing you are representing someone’s favorite book and whose proceeds go to providing reading to others? I can’t beat that.

So on my 25th birthday, I’ll take the first steps. Want to take them with me? 

P.S. Don’t know what to get me for my birthday? Donate a few dollars and let me know about it.


  1. Laura says:

    I hope you had a fabulous birthday- i love your idea about giving back, thanks for enlightening me about the international book project.. I’m also a book addict and have just found your blog via your ‘a beautiful mess’ blog comment. Looking forward to following you 🙂 xo L

    1. rclnudson says:

      Thank you! Thanks for checking it out!

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