Ok I’m gonna talk about Mad Men again. Bear with me! I’ve been rewatching all of the episodes while I’ve been sewing away like a mad woman (couldn’t help it) on a project I hope to share with you soon. But Peggy caught my eye in this particular look in season 2.

I really like the lines on this dress, and I thought it made her seem pretty and mature, which is great, since in this episode she makes a big career move. So I got this dress in my head and got into my closet and came up with this.

This is actually three pieces, not like her dress. I have this gray T shirt with lace on the front. I put that underneath a black tube top and wore a black skirt. It’s tricky, because it looks like it could be a dress, but it’s just what I already have in my closet. Then I topped it off, well, bottomed it off, with black tights and pumps. I especially love it with bright nails and a red lip. 

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