mad men, obvs

I’ve been watching a lot of Mad Men lately, probably along with the rest of you since it finally came back this past weekend. I’ve also been catching up on Netflix on some old episodes, and, as usual, the incredible style on the show caught my eye. The beautiful outfits worn at the Sterling Cooper offices were bright, colorful, classic, and polished all at the same time. So, in honor of the style and story phenomenon, some work outfit ideas based on the show with some little modern twists. 

For this look, the purple dress steals the show. But instead of wearing your scarf on your neck, like Joan and Betty, why not tie it to your handbag?

And what if you wore your pearls on your wrist instead of your neck? And carried clutch instead of a traditional handbag?

The kinds of dresses that have classic lines and beautiful colors and patterns never go out of style. But playing with accessories can be an easy, fun way to update the look.

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