Hi! I’m asking for your help. I’ve sketched a few ideas I’ve been tossing around, and I’d love you to let me know which you’d like to see come to life. I’d like to make these designs into bags, like the tote bags and zipper bags you’ve seen already. But I’m not the best sketcher. Usually the things in my head are a lot cuter than what I can get into paper. For reference, here’s the actual harry potter-inspired tote bag next to the sketch:


And it’s even better in person, because you can see the contrasting stitching better. So I’m gonna need you to trust me a little bit. I’ll show you the idea, explain a little bit about it, and, if you would, submit your vote at the bottom!

I’ll start with a few ideas inspired by the Hunger Games:

This hairstyle is a signature of who else but Katniss Everdeen. I haven’t tried this yet, but I think I might be able to actually braid the felt, which could be cool. The green background is because the forest is kind of her thing. I think a red or orange would be a pretty lining and would also represent the girl on fire. 

This is inspired by everyones favorite stylist, Cinna. Here, his gold (I know it looks orange, go with it) eyeliner is represented on a brown (like his hair) background. This bag would have a zipper and be smaller than the tote bags.

This pink hair and lips represents another Hunger Games favorite, Effie. They have some crazy, big style at the Capitol, and she wears it well. I think a yellow lining would look nice with the pink and blue. 

This green bowler hat is actually a Harry Potter throwback. Can you remember what your favorite minister of magic Cornelius Fudge wore? It was this, a lime green bowler hat. Background and lining would be black. 

And this reminds me of a certain Anna. One who likes big sunglasses and has a bob haircut and who prefers wearing print dresses. She also happens to be a powerful business woman. I like the way yellow looks with the blue background, and would likely have the same color blue lining as well. 

So, which would you like to see become a reality? Click through to vote, and if you have any ideas or comments, comment them!

Thanks for helping me choose!

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