So I don’t know about you guys, but our weather has been incredible. And it’s got me really ready to try out some spring trends. Like the maxi dress. And floral. So I got active with my imagination, and the awesomeness that is Polyvore, and came up with some ways I could wear those trends to work. 

This might not work in every office, since a long skirt sort implies really fancy or really casual, at least to me. But if you feel comfortable wearing it in your office, I think a simple tank and blazer would really make it sharp. Add a gorgeous statement necklace and neutral bag, and I think you’d be good to go. 

Floral seems to come up every spring, but I love the way the blush shirt looked with the colors in the skirt. It’s a very feminine look, but still very together and professional. 

Just because you have to wear professional attire, doesn’t mean you can’t participate in trends. It just means you have to adapt them to what will work for you and your environment. 

This week, you all have voted on my Etsy products in March Madness. Thanks so much for voting, we had some really close votes! But the final winner is….

The Harry Potter-inspired tote! You can order yours here. I’m in the process of making more, so don’t worry, they won’t run out. Thanks for voting! Tomorrow, I’ll post some ideas of what to make next, so check back and help me decide! Actually, you will completely decide. Whatever the winning idea is will be the next bag I’ll make. 

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